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Reliable hardware is paramount. Therefore, dnp Visiosign has developed its own BlackLine hardware series and a series of specially developed players. By offering our own hardware series, we can ensure a uniform expression in high quality.


All screens combined in one platform

Visiosign Cloud gathers all the organization’s screens in one platform and was developed by dnp Visiosign. With a focus on user-friendliness and easy administration, it is possible to associate an infinite number of screens and users.

From any computer you can easily log on to Visiosign Cloud and from here all devices can be managed and operated in a few minutes.

Visiosign Cloud

Blackline – Elegant and in a classic Scandinavian design

The Blackline series is hardware in an elegant design with clean shapes and straight lines. With the Blackline series you get:
  • A uniform expression that makes all screens fit together well
  • High quality, because the quality of screens and players is paramount to ensure a satisfactory screen
  • A product range that combines good materials, durability, easy maintenance and reliability

Blackline 7” LUX

Elegant room and meeting room screen with touch and many nice details

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Blackline 10” CLASSIC

Simple room and meeting room screen in classic design

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Blackline 10” LUX

Book and optimize the use of premises and meeting rooms and get an overview with LED

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Blackline Stand

Give guests a good welcome and help them find their way

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Blackline Table

Let guests announce their arrival with a guest stand

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Playere – Specially developed for reliable processing of content

dnp Visiosign's players are particularly suitable for playing graphic content such as video and larger images. With Visiosign's players you get:
  • They have a particularly long lifespan
  • They are heat tolerant with a tight-fitting enclosure
  • They are delivered with a dnp Visiosign tailored operating system, which provides optimal operational stability
  • The player is slim, which makes it simple to mount behind a screen

Skærmvægsplayer – 4

Specially developed player for screen walls with up to 4 screens

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Skærmvægsplayer – 6

Specially developed player for screen walls with up to 6 screens

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Standard Player 8.0

Specially developed player - reliable and easy to install

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Supernova - Elegant projection screens that create fantastic images

The optical dnp Supernova canvases deliver fantastic images, even in bright environments. The clean look and sleek lines fit perfectly with modern architecture and interiors.
  • Ideal for use in meeting rooms, retail stores and at home

Supernova Blade

Elegant and frameless projection screen with optical properties that create fantastic images

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Supernova Infinity

Modularly constructed optical ALR canvas that can be produced in the size you want

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Supernova XL

The world's largest optical front projection screen in one and the same piece of ALR screen

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Digital solutions that perfectly suit your company's needs

We tailor your screen-based solutions for you and your organization, regardless of your needs and wishes. We have over 20 years of experience in digital solutions and can advise you in all steps, regardless of whether it is a mix of different products and services or a simpler solution.

With us, as your total supplier and digital partner, you can feel safe throughout the journey.