Modernize your public institution with digital package solutions from dnp Visiosign. We can deliver everything from meeting booking screens, guest registration, info screens and much more.


Create trust and overview

Our digital solutions can help create security and overview in a municipal or public context.

For example, welcome guests with a guest registration screen or a digital guide, so that no one can be in any doubt as to whether they have arrived at the right place. With our digital posters, you can keep visitors and employees informed about new initiatives or upcoming events at the same time.

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Selected solutions for public institutions

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Info screens

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Booking screens

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Guest registration

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Info screens for internal communication

With info screens, your organization can communicate clearly, clearly and effectively to all employees as well as to guests and visitors. It will be easy to provide current, relevant and targeted information to employees across departments, floors and locations.

Info screens are an effective tool in the organisation’s overall communication strategy. The user-friendly interface makes the info screen easy to manage through the Visiosign Cloud.


Selected customer cases

Copenhagen Business Academy

The Concert Hall of Aarhus

Selected customer cases

We supply many types of screen solutions and work closely with our customers to tailor a solution that reflects the organisation’s needs and wishes.

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Clear information

Create clear information with our digital posters. Here you can display central information across locations, as well as keep both employees and visitors up to date.

dnp Visiosign does not just deliver a product – we offer ourselves as partners. This means that you can confidently implement our digital solutions. We are always ready to help and guide you.

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Our customers say

Nicolai Grube Rosen, Managing Director Anticimex Innovation Center

“We wanted to be able to record our meetings on video. This option did not exist as standard. But after a good dialogue with Session’s meeting room expert, we were able to tailor a solution that perfectly suited our needs. Now we can easily record our meetings on video, so that we can subsequently send them to the people who could not participate, for example, due to the time difference.”

Tina Briting, IT boss EUC Sjælland

“Another way we save time is by minimizing our transport time. Our centers are spread all over Zealand and by holding our meetings via Skype, we save approx. 1.5 hours of transport per meeting – per employee! to quite a few hours when you multiply it over a year.”